MSSQL DTS Packages Unspecified Error

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Walter Mantovani yazmış,

After an entire week of .NET debugs and brainstorming I found this post from DCHUEN that saved my life:

I experienced the same problem.  If you are still looking for the answer, this may help.

Check the version of custtask.dll.  It is usually located in the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQLServer\80\Tools\Binn\” folder.  If your DTS package containing the FTP task was created with a newer version of custtask.dll, you cannot open it again with an older version of custtask.dll.

To solve the problem, compare the versions of custtask.dll you have, replace the old one with the new one.  You don’t need to register the dll.  Restart the Enterprise Manager and try again.

Hope this help!


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