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Walter Mantovani yazmış,

I found this way to change the icon and the display name in the SpringBoard to the very useful Speed Dial app for iPhone.
This application create an icon in your SpringBoard to dial directly a phone number, wihout confirmation and without using Safari (as other applications do)

  1. First of all prepare a 60×60 PNG icon with the picture of the contact to dial with this application, and name it Icon.png
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer (Windows or MAC) go in iTunes and remove the “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected”
  3. If you already have Speed Dial #1 installed remove it and delete it from the iTunes library
  4. Now you can “purchase” (it is free) the application: at this moment the .ipa file is only copied to your computer (in Windows it is under “My Documents” in “My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications” folder )
  5. Rename the “Speed Dial 1 1.5.ipa” file in “Speed Dial 1”
  6. Open the new Zip file: in the “Payload\Speed Dial” folder you can see the original Icon.png file, replace it with the one prepared at point 1.
  7. In the same zip folder there is a file called “Info.plist”: it is an XML binary file and we need to modify it, so you can extract, modify and replace the original or simply open the one in the zip file (in Windows I use PropertyList Editor, see below)
  8. In the “Info.plist” file find the “CFBundleDisplayName” key and modify the relative string from “Speed Dial 1” to whatever you want, save the file and replace the original one in the zip file.
  9. Now you are ready to install the application on your iPhone. Sync it and test: at the first click the application should ask for the contact to dial.

For sure this tutorial works on a jailbroken iPhone, if someone can test it on a non JB iPhone, please let me know if it works


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