Google Calendar Ebay reminder for Greasemonkey

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Walter Mantovani yazmış,

I create some modifications to the original script made by Tilman Vogel due to dates language format in ebay auctions and recent updates to ebay styles

You can edit lines from 68 to 130 to match your language month names and cgi ebay site used

This script allow you to create Google Calendar Events from Ebay auctions.

Stay tuned for future updates and please report any bug or new months translations to darkoddio[at]gmail[dot]com
or leave a comment or suggestion



If you have problems installing this script clicking on top right “install” button, try press F5 after viewing the source code script.

Google Calendar Ebay Reminder

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2010-10-07 version 2.4:

2010-02-26 version 2.3:

2009-10-04 version 2.2: Corrected german months list (thanks to Helge)

2009-09-16 version 2.1: Added internationalization for various ebay sites (you can easily add new ebay sites from the code)

2009-12-03 version 2.2: Corrected problem with “é” in “déc” for french ebay site


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“Google Calendar Ebay reminder for Greasemonkey” için 10 comments

  1. Helge GERMANY says:

    Thanks a lot for this! 🙂

    btw., here are the abbreviated months for

    myMonths[“jan”] = “01”;
    myMonths[“feb”] = “02”;
    myMonths[“mrz”] = “03”;
    myMonths[“apr”] = “04”;
    myMonths[“mai”] = “05”;
    myMonths[“jun”] = “06”;
    myMonths[“jul”] = “07”;
    myMonths[“aug”] = “08”;
    myMonths[“sep”] = “09”;
    myMonths[“okt”] = “10”;
    myMonths[“nov”] = “11”;
    myMonths[“dez”] = “12”;

  2. Thanks, script updated!

  3. Steve UNITED KINGDOM says:

    Many thanks for this, Walter!

  4. Tux ROMANIA says:

    The script is great! Thank you! There is a problem: the Google button and date parsing is breaking time countdown on

  5. Hi vmk, the script is not broken: simply in that page the end auction date is not shown (I don’t know why), so the script cannot “imagine” it 😀

  6. feumat FRANCE says:

    Thank for your fantastic script ! Until now, it worked very well. But recently, a problem occurred. Instead of the google calendar icon, I have this message : “could not parse end date” . I really don’t know why but perhaps, perhaps, this is due to the fact that in french, the month of December has an accent on the “e”, like that : “Décember”.
    An example : for a french ebay url :
    The date is written like that : (06 déc. 2009 10:00:35 Paris)

    Have a good day, Mister !

  7. ikarus GERMANY says:

    I had to modify the code for the german site:
    Line 151:
    myMonths[“mär”] = “03”;

    Line 247:
    parseddate = endtime.textContent.match(/(\d+)[.]?\s([a-züöäA-Z]+)[.]?\s(\d+)\s+(\d+):(\d+):(\d+)\s+(\w+)/);


  8. ikarus GERMANY says:

    After some thinking and wondering, i modified the script to auto-set the ebay site, because i often visit the us and uk sites and manually switching is a PITA.

    My version: (feel free to post as update or modify as you like)

  9. Eastpak1984 GERMANY says:

    This script needs an update… The Title is wrong!