Warheart d20 Character Sheet

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Walter Mantovani yazmış,

Warheart d20 is a set of rules modifications applied to Dungeons & Dragons RPG 3.5 Manual, by Corvus Corax.
This is my Warheart d20 Character Sheet: it is an Excel 2003 template file, with automatic calculations based on filled informations.
You can also print it blank before filling it

Usage: to electronically compile it, enable macros and VB code then fill in all cells with comments (usually “compile this column/cell”)

Please report any bug to darkoddio[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment or suggestion


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3.0 (2010-02-18)
Added other bonus for characteristics
Added other bonus for armour protections
Added other bonus for armour penalties
Added calculation for skill points based on “favored skill manual”
Added macro to clear sheet
Minor bug fixes

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